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Thoughtful Choices
Choosing the right products for your project is important.  They will not only affect the finished look of your project, but will also affect its long term maintenance and durability; your future dollars saved or spent.   So finding the right balance between quality and affordability is imperative when considering which products will best serve your needs.

Your Cost
We do not upcharge for the products that we use.  Our cost is your cost.  When we receive a discount on a product, we pass that savings on to you.  This is one of the ways we say “thank you” for choosing Arndt’s Custom Painting for your home improvement needs.

Some Favorites…

Graham Ceramic Flat Finish
We love this paint!  It truly is a durable, washable, stain resistant interior paint that is comparable to a semi-gloss or eggshell finish, but with a flat finish.  (We actually think it’s more washable than eggshell finish.)  And this paint can be mixed in nearly any color. 

Graham has achieved great durability with this paint by combining ceramic microspheres with 100% acrylic resins.  For more detailed information and to view a demonstration on Graham Ceramic Flat paint, visit Graham’s site:  http://www.grahampaint.com/core.htm

Benjamin Moore Satin Impervo
The enamel C235 is a durable, low lustre, alkyd enamel that lays out nicely with minimal sagging or brush marks.  The Waterborne Satin Impervo 314 is a 100% acrylic latex enamel that mimics the durability and application of the alkyd enamel without the strong order.  It will not yellow like conventional alkyd enamels may, and can be used over properly prepared varnishes or alkyd (oil) based paints.

Sikkens is well known for their exterior wood coatings.  Their products are some of the most durable finishes that we have used on decks and vertical wooden surfaces.  Their Rubbol DEK deck stain has a satin sheen and works great on decks, railings, benches, patio furniture, and composite wood.  It adheres well to the wood and is a water repellent to help protect and extend the life of your wood.  Their Cetol 23 product provides great UV translucent protection for siding, trim, doors, garage doors, and windows.  It is also water repellent, weather resistant, flexible, and breathable, unlike traditional varnishes or polyurethanes.  This is important for prolonging the life and beauty of your wood.


Your Investment
Your home may be one of the largest investments you will make.  Though these products may cost more than some, we think it’s well worth the minimal cost difference and a choice you will be pleased with over the long term.



Tip:  You can preview more than 3,200 paint colors as well as “paint” a virtual room and print the results with the Benjamin Moore’s Personal Color Viewer.  With the expanded CDROM, available for purchase at www.benjaminmoore.com, you can even try your favorite colors on your own rooms by uploading digital pictures.

Click here for the Benjamin Moore Personal Color Viewer



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