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Shades of a different hue.
Light taupe? There is no such color. And what about those soft yellows that turn out to be something closer to a canary color? Matthew is well experienced in helping his clients pick the right colors. Yellows, browns, blues, even the new reds and golds… these can all be tricky colors to pin down. Let Matthew help you pick that perfect color. It’s all part of the professional service you receive when you have Arndt’s Custom Painting working for you.

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Too cool for old school.
Multiple colors in a room are very trendy these days. You see it in restaurants, offices, and yes, even homes. In this picture the two colors help distinguish the room’s multiple functions of living space and music room while still complimenting the overall décor.

Selling a home? Popular opinion is that neutral colors sell a home. However, if the neutral color does not compliment your furnishings and décor, it can cause your home to look cold and uninviting. In our experience when getting a home ready to sell, an uncluttered, clean look is most appealing. This is true for the overall layout and décor of your home, but it is also true of your painted surfaces. Here are some things you can check out.

  • Are your baseboards clean and free from nicks and chips?
  • Do your walls look clean?
  • Are there stress fractures or dings in your walls or ceilings?
  • Have your walls or ceilings been dimmed by fireplace, candles, or cigarette smoke?

All of these things are repairable. Fixing them will give your home a fresh look and will help reassure a perspective buyer that your home has been well maintained. Ask us how we can give your house more appeal.

Tip Tip: When sampling colors for your wall, try painting a white poster board. This gives you a large sample that can be moved around the room to give you perspective on how your color looks in different lighting, how it coordinates with your furnishings and décor, and if it is complimentary to the overall color scheme of your home. Many paint distributors now offer color samples in small jars at a minimal price.


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